See Ya Later CT 101

This semester has come to the end.  I have enjoyed CT 101 because I have something to show for it. This class has been exciting because I’ve learned something that I can utilize as I continue to develop my ideas.  I’ve taken the initiative to purchase another domain name because I have another idea for a  website. This class has helped me sort the plans out and get a better understanding of the what work needs to be done to get to my final product.

It feels so good to be able to look at a product that I’ve created from scratch. I am so proud of my  website. Be sure to check it out. My goal for the website was to be a go to place from my take on what’s happening in Entertainment, News and Fashion.  CNN meets the Shaderoom: MissTWebb style.

One thing I’ve enjoyed , in addition to learning to make GIFS, were the Final Presentations. It was so cool to see everyone’s websites. Everyone went a totally different direction with this opportunity.

After the presentation, I continued to work on the customization of the website. Currently I’m stuck because I can’t figure out how to remove the “Call- 1-855-Panaromic” in the right corner. It’s pissing me off. I don’t want to change the theme because I love this one. So I’ll keep trying.

I plan to continue developing my website while working on my next one.

So long, CT 101. You’ve been great.





New Trend Alert::

Social media has been buzzing about the new trend for men. It’s a Romphim. The name is freaking hilarious but I’m not sure how I feel about this new style. Check them out:

So after seeing different photos of the new trendy romphim, here are my takeaways:::

  1. Why are some of the romphims so short. They’re like pumpum shorts for men. I’m not feeling that.
  2. The longer variation isn’t that bad.
  3. Some of them don’t unbutton at the private parts which mean a the guy wearing it would unbutton his whole romphim to go to the bathroom.
  4. In the group photo, why tf does that guy have on shorts and a fur? why? Is it hot or cold ?

Comment and let me know what you think of the Romphim!


B.E.T and Beyoncé

A few days ago B.E.T released their nominations for the 2017 BET awards. Of course Beyoncé earned a bunch if nominations including Best Female R&B/Pop Artist,  Video of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Okay so let the throw out this disclaimer: Beyoncé does deserve to be nominated for all if those awards so don’t confuse what I’m about to stay. My problem with Beyoncé and BET is that she never comes to the awards show. They always select her as the winner for half if the categories but she doesn’t bother to come. It starts to make me feel like Beyoncé thinks she’s too good for BeT awards . She makes sure she doesn’t miss the VMAs or the Grammys but every year she’s never at the BET awards to accept her wins. I think that should be considered when the awards committee selects the winners this year! But yall know I love Beyoncé so I’ll still be optimistic about this years’ show. Let’s see if once again, Beyoncé will  be the best performer “they never had”.

If you’re interested to see the rest of the nominees, check them out here.



Fishnets Coming Back

This year we’ve seen several fashion trends from the early 2000s making a comeback.  Velour suits and fishnets are coming back with full force. To be honest, I’m not a fan of velour but I can get down with the fishnets.

Check out the looks below to see how your fishnets can go from costume to chic:





How does a Song Make you Feel

Browsing the DS106 Assignment Bank, I came across this assignment. I’m all too familiar with listening to a song and becoming all emotional.  So here’s a song that always makes me feel sad:


This song always makes me cry. It was at the end of one my favorite movies “Set if Off”. Jada Pinkett aka “Stoney” lost all of her friends. Those friends were more like her sisters and now they’re all dead. This makes me so sad because I couldn’t imagine losing one of my best friends or sisters. This is my go to sad song. I always say if I ever became an actress and I needed to cry for a scene, then I’d listen to this song a few times. I mean, I’m not trying to be an actress but hey, doesn’t hurt to be prepared.





The Things People do for Money

The NY Daily News reported this crazy story about a woman who hired a hitman to kill her husband. Let me get yall up to speed. Alishia Noel-Murray was married to Omar Murray but in a relationship with Dameon Lovell. She and boyfriend hired Kirk Portious to kill her husband. Her plan was to kill her husband (which she did) and collect over $900,000 in insurance money (which she didn’t).

This is a prime example of the horrible things that people do for money. You kill your husband? At the time she had him murdered, they had a 10-month old baby together. So it was less than a year prior to the murder, that she loved him enough to make a child with him but a year later, she wants him dead? My oh my. So good ole’ divorce was just too much work?

Beyond that, the first hitman they hired, shot at her husband but missed. Take that as a sign. Stop the madness! But no, she was persistent. She hired another hitman who actually murdered her husband for $3,500. Another example of the crazy things people do for money. Now Kirk Portious has to spend the rest of his life in jail for $3,500. Boy…get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P to Omar Murray. Cold world out here.


Fashion Feature : Daya by Zendaya

I love Zendaya.  I love the fact that when creating her clothing line, she strived to make it affordable. That shows that she is thinking of the average consumer. It also shows that she is thinking of the young boys and girls (or parents) that won’t be able to drop $200 on a tshirt.  So I thought I’d dedicate this post to her line. Her line is called Daya by Zendaya. You can shop it here.

Favorite Piece:

This Satin Cross-Back Slip Dress retails for $40.00. It’s definitely giving me TLC “So I Creep…” feels, but I love it nonetheless. You can dress it up or down.


Least Favorite Piece:

This velour sweatshirt makes me want to scream in agony. I didn’t like velour in 2003 and I dislike it in more in 2017. Also, it looks like something Missy Eliott would have worn in one of her 1990s videos.



Aldo Has Really Stepped It Up

When Rihanna released her Fenty sneakers with the ribbon bow lace, it was clear that every other shoe line would come out with some variation of the ribbon theme. A lot of them have been hit and miss but Aldo has impressed me! Check out these stylish ribbon booties.

These cuties are called the Rosamilia and they retail for $110.

(I’m cheap so I’ll catch them on sale. Howbowdat)