See Ya Later CT 101

This semester has come to the end.  I have enjoyed CT 101 because I have something to show for it. This class has been exciting because I’ve learned something that I can utilize as I continue to develop my ideas.  I’ve taken the initiative to purchase another domain name because I have another idea for a  website. This class has helped me sort the plans out and get a better understanding of the what work needs to be done to get to my final product.

It feels so good to be able to look at a product that I’ve created from scratch. I am so proud of my  website. Be sure to check it out. My goal for the website was to be a go to place from my take on what’s happening in Entertainment, News and Fashion.  CNN meets the Shaderoom: MissTWebb style.

One thing I’ve enjoyed , in addition to learning to make GIFS, were the Final Presentations. It was so cool to see everyone’s websites. Everyone went a totally different direction with this opportunity.

After the presentation, I continued to work on the customization of the website. Currently I’m stuck because I can’t figure out how to remove the “Call- 1-855-Panaromic” in the right corner. It’s pissing me off. I don’t want to change the theme because I love this one. So I’ll keep trying.

I plan to continue developing my website while working on my next one.

So long, CT 101. You’ve been great.




How does a Song Make you Feel

Browsing the DS106 Assignment Bank, I came across this assignment. I’m all too familiar with listening to a song and becoming all emotional.  So here’s a song that always makes me feel sad:


This song always makes me cry. It was at the end of one my favorite movies “Set if Off”. Jada Pinkett aka “Stoney” lost all of her friends. Those friends were more like her sisters and now they’re all dead. This makes me so sad because I couldn’t imagine losing one of my best friends or sisters. This is my go to sad song. I always say if I ever became an actress and I needed to cry for a scene, then I’d listen to this song a few times. I mean, I’m not trying to be an actress but hey, doesn’t hurt to be prepared.





Making it My Own

I finally have my own website.


I have all of these amazing ideas of how I want it to look. But when I couldn’t even decide of a photo to replace the plant, I realized that it’s much harder than I thought.

Now I have to watch the few tutorials on how to customize my site so that it doesn’t look like an interior design advisement. I’ll try this tutorial first,  and then this one. If you’re reading this and you still see that plant, then I’ve failed.

Let’s see