United Airlines messed up BIG TIME.

This week United Airlines dragged a passenger off of an overbooked flight.

Here’s a brief rundown of the facts:

An United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky was oversold by four seats. This error caused the airline to offer passengers $400, then $800 to voluntarily give up their seats and catch a later flight. Although a high incentive was offered, the airline didn’t find the four passengers to disembark the plane. Therefore, they resorted to selecting passengers and forcing them to give up their seats. One of the chosen passengers was a 69 year old doctor, Dr. David Dao. When Dao refused to give up his seat, law enforcement was called by the airline staff.  Officers forcibly dragged Dao off of the aircraft. Video of the incident shows Dao being slammed against an armrest, causing him to bleed from his mouth.  View the video here.

There are so many things wrong about this situation. I’ll list them.

  1. United f*cked up from the beginning. They oversold the flight. That isn’t the passengers fault. Not even a little bit. I understand that things happen, but you can’t kick someone off the plane because you messed up. Figure it out and be apologetic; not pushy and demanding.
  2. As a passenger, when I buy flight tickets, I select the flight that fits my schedule. If Dao wanted to be on a later flight, he would have selected that from the jump. He HAD STUFF TO DO!  I don’t blame him for wanting to keep his seat. I would be insulted and would totally feel targeted if I’m sitting in my seat and staff member pulled up like “Hey, get off the plane.”
  3. Dragging someone off a plane when they didn’t do anything wrong? Yall know what that sounds like to me? A LAWSUIT! Rightfully, Dao has retained a high power attorney who will fight to get his the coins he deserves!
  4. United’s CEO can save that weak apology. Initially he defended the staff, then after getting dragged on social media, decided that he owes the passenger an apology. Too little, too late.
  5.  I don’t have anything else, so SCREW UNITED.

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